Meth’s Birthday

We knew that ominous sense of dread wasn’t just a figment of our imagination… the most haunting terrifying time of year is upon us…


Thank all the gods above that her trip to America and refurbing our glorious bar distracted her from creating her usual 2 week reign of terror/celebration!

But we dont get off too easily as this Friday she’ll be throwing an extra special All Star Friday’s to ensure she gets all the presents and attention possible.

With a bonus show at 9pm with some special guests followed by that telly show at 10pm and her usual 11pm show type shenanigans. Rify Royalty will be performing and gogo dancing tonight! With Bourgeoisie and Ruby Wednesday performing.

Free Entry and rumour has it she’s demanding a one off cocktail in her honour. Like her it will be cheap and toxic.

Please come and satiate her narcissistic appetite for validation or else she’ll be a fucking nightmare to put up with till next year. Seriously, please come.