Pod cast number 6 – before the deluge of photo releases

Welcome to another Ranty Mc RantFace podcast from AbsolutQueer Photography where we actually script this guff.

So what is going up on the site – well an awful lot – There’s Mass with Virgin Xtravaganzah, there’s Sunday Sunday, there’s the finale of Its a Drag Knockout – and possibly some wrestling.

So time for a new spot on the podcast – photo what I am most proud of – this is the photo I posted up as “off the camera” of Kay Lee Ray leaping off the top rope onto an opponent – it’s dark and atmospheric, most people miss the referee in the background. The lighting was either brilliant or really hard to work with – and as I wasn’t roaming, just sitting in the front row, it was hard to get the framing. I was also strapped up to avoid harming my left rotator cuff even more (had a fall a year ago, it’s damaged my left shoulder slightly) and slowed me down a lot over the year.


So what’s coming up this week? Well I start a new day job on Monday so it’s the new low shoot regime – not that that means any more nights in.

Friday – tonight I’m at the glorious Baby Lame shit show at the Glory.

Saturday – editing – but if you’re up for a boogie the fabulous Debbie is at the Shacklewell arms!

Sunday – It’s more wrestling – this time in Tooting at the Tram and Social

Monday – it’s quiet I’ll be recovering from an induction day of people

Tuesday – Pride in London has an open meeting at City Hall – and I’ll be there as a CAB member.

Wednesday – it’s physio and hopefully less strapping this time then a birthday party

Thursday – its the Community Advisory Board for Pride in London meeting – and I’m possibly missing two things I want to go to so much – the Marvellous David Hoyle is at BGWMC and I’m got one of my friends leaving London.

Friday – and i’m forced into a horrible choice – a crazy drag performance filled night of people I love, or a crazy drag filled night of people I love. The monthly night might win out- but it all depends on how tired I am after this week.

Saturday – and it’s more wrestling!!! With Eve Wrestling at Creat8 in Hackney Wick!

So ranting this week – I have no rant I can do.. there are things I’d like to say – but I dear I can’t at the moment- so lets keep it to the greatest hits list:

1) Audiences – shut the fuck up when performance is on – I don’t care if its you’re friends birthday or you are all out on a hen night – you paid to come see a show, how about staying untwatted enough to watch the show and enjoy it with other people (and let them enjoy it too).

2) Photography – yes I do it a lot – more than I should. but no, don’t grab me to come take your photo – I don’t care who the hell you are – ask, politely, and I’ll adjust my settings to take a photo of you. Yes, I do have to faff with my camera – because I’m set up for taking things on the (moderately) well lit stage and you are standing in a dark spot with all the light behind you. If you want a shit shot- get a mate to take one on their iPhone.

3) Performance does change your life – Performer, Audience or Photographer if you engage it will change your life. It’ll open your eyes to a new way of thinking about a song, a dance, a gender, a style, a way of dressing.

4) Podcasting – no it;s no high tech this one.