Queens of the Underworld- Sagittarius

Queens of the Underworld present: ZODIAC – Sweat of Sagittarius

In the cold of winter, one place will be lit with magickal fire. London’s monthly esoteric cabaret and performance-art party is waiting. QotU Oberon White and Laura Gwen Miles invite you to ZODIAC at South London’s most dazzling hidden gem, Cafe Cairo.

From ancient mysticism to Heat magazine horoscopes, people have looked to the heavens for guidance. On the last Friday of each month, we will delve deep into the world of astrology and the cosmos. Each month a group of artists are drawn together to give life to their unique interpretation of that night’s reigning ZODIAC sign.

This month:

Let your mind be illuminated by sacred flames
Be pierced and blessed by divine lightning
Taste true wisdom in the Sweat of Sagittarius

Hosting and Performances from QotU:
Oberon White & Laura Gwen Miles

Our Performative Sagittarian Priestesses

Free Spirit Satyr From Far Off Sands: Marcelo D’Avilla
Cogent Queer Embassador: Drastik Measures (Maria Kinsella)
Slinger of Arrows and Tricks: Tom Cassani
Spaced-out, Anachronistic Alcoholic : Simone Simone
Multi Formed Aural Chimera: Twinnspirit (Dan McBride & Laura Seoane Veiga)
Star Touched Oracular Spectacular: Tracey Smith
Opalascent Unicorn Centaur Amalgam: Scarlett Lassoff

Flyer Artwork by Aesthetic Adept & Mistress of Ink: Sebastian Adastra

Bestial Dancing to Centaur Melodies until the wee hours when the stars and moon shines bright.

Pray to the throne of thunder and taste of divine salt in the Sweat of Sagittarius. Gain cheaper entry to the evening’s proceedings in your personal Sagittariun Sartorial Stylings. Whoever reflects the Sweat of Sagittarius in their appearance, body and soul will be showered with glittering treasure. May the stars be in your favour…