Queerest of the Queer – Dark Carnivale

After a long Summer, Queerest of the Queer decided to start their Halloween season early with Dark Carnivale. More like the show that squats in a run down end of peir venue than a venetian ball, Dark Carnivale is about grotesque delights.

Presented by your hostess, the six foot tall in stocking feet statuesque stomper that is Drastik Measures – last seen on stage at BGWMC doing a back breaker on Princess Leia – she’ll be your guide to this dark adventure.

Lick von Dyke known all over London for her cheeky energetic knowing and downright fabulous take on the burlesque and drag genres. Subverting both art forms with a wicked grin.

Jacob Aria a regular at Queens of the Underworld and on the Queer scene with their masked hypnotic performances – and their floor stomping DJing – he brings operatic vocals adorned in fabulous masks and couture.

Carmen Monoxide singer, and all round toxic personality! Carmen takes her influences from the darker side of culture. with highly polished acts containing elements of opera, Weimar era cabaret songs, and vaudeville humour.

Smashlyn Monroe- stunning fantastic performer sings, eye popping burlesque tattooed and pierced sexy and electrifying lock up your sons and daughters Smash is in town with killer moves and looks to die for.

Queerest of the Queer is know for it’s collection of events around music and drag and performance from the international queer scene – presenting unexpected mixes of performers and showcasing new and emerging talents.