Rant (ish) about Fivrr and thus podcasting returns

Where in I rant about Fivrr’s advert on Social media and thus podcasting returns

On behalf of the “haves” in the Boomer and Gen-X generations I’d like to apologise to the Millennials whose sweat and tears we are milking to make our lives “easier”

We “haves” are asking any “have nots” to push themselves to the limit to earn enough money to rent houses (at extortionate rates) from us, to drive us where ever we want, to bring us food, and shopping, and to do menial tasks we feel are beneath us.

We “haves” don’t want to pay sufficiently for these services so that the people doing this can earn a “living wage” or in some cases “minimum wage” – because you are “self employed” and “freelancing” and so we pretend you have choices.

We’ll sell this minimal impoverished time poor “life style” as a choice for you, as some sort of “freedom” from the salaried life we live- with a guaranteed income each month and sick days, holiday pay and constrained hours of working – ignoring your 80-100 hour work weeks when you factor in travel – that your second job means Thurs – Sun you get 4 hours at home to sleep in total.

I see my contemporaries bathing in the sweat and tears of “have nots” (as I know most of the performers and artists I know are on zero hours or low hours, or whatever I can hustle wages) and I am appalled and saddened.

I want to blow up the “haves” of my generations complacency – I want something to come to make them see just what havoc they have wrought upon everyone else – in trying to be like the 1% they have lost all moral compass – taking Miranda Priestly as a guide to how people should be treated.

I am not able to be coherent no more – my response is just sweary mcsweary face full of rage and tears…

Sorry people, my generation, your older cousins, parents, and siblings, have failed you, fucked you over, so we can be “haves” with more things. We sold out.