Ranty mc Rantface Podcast 4

Welcome to the fourth rant filled ranty mc rant face AbsolutQueer Photography podcast, where our listeners say “you don’t get rants of that quality these days”

So what’s going up this week? Well I actually have a shed load of time (read more than an hour) on Sunday – so I’m putting up the rest of It’s a Drag Knock out, Baby Lames Shit Show, Mass, Sunday Funday and maybe even more It’s a Drag Knockout – yes it’s going to be a bumper week on the site.

So where will I be, and where should you be?.

Now the Underground has opened and I will be including some of these in the weekly lists. But… If I forget, get your self to Raunch featuring Miss Alternative World Fancy Chance, Briefs, because even though they are Aussies they are well hot and the performances are great, and Barbu – who I saw do Timber at the SouthBank and they are a Hell yes! OMG HAWT acrobats and funny.

So Saturday – tomorrow

Mariah and Friends do Eurovision – which is going to be fabulous with Crystal Beth, Baby Lame, Acrobatics, circus skills and insanely good performances. Expect to see me in the front row somewhere.

Duckie at the RVT is always a good choice for a Saturday evening – with the lovely bearded ones by Activity Island, and always some of the most interesting shows – but it feels like most everyone is there for the dancing to the best of the 80’s and 90’s alternative scene

At WUnderground – Dusty Limit’s Black Dogs is a find myself a TARDIS moment. I’ve described Dusty as a cabaret Bill Hicks – throwing truths and filthy jokes out to an audience in equal measure. Always worth getting to see.

Bloc Bar has the Casey Grill popup brunch which is fabulous by all accounts – and Mass hosted by Virgin Xtravaganzah – so the perfect place to while away a Sunday and suddenly find it’s 1am Monday!

The Glory out East London has the Big Gay Song Book – fabulous camp fun!
Monday -9th
It’s the Final of it’s a Drag knockout – with George Tasda, Herr, and Lick von Dyke competing to win. I can hardly wait. Best competition show I’ve seen so far.

If you’r more book minded there is Polari Soho – with their first book prize special. It’s a fabulous interesting night and you pick up hints of books to find and authors to follow.

Tuesday – 10th
I’m at the Southwark Playhouse watching the Toxic Avenger Musical.

And then he was a she – paintings of Holly Woodlawn by Sadie Lee opens – if you’re listening to this rant you are possibly a friend of Sadies and have an invite.

For the more political minded there is an ACT UP General Meeting – which should be firey and interesting.

At the Glory it’s the second night of Dis Place – which looks an interesting take of the EU referendum and what might happen if we Brexit.

Wednesday – 11th
I’m going to have to be editing and being an adult probably, but I’ll do my best to avoid that!

The House of Idiot – with my most delightful idiot Jonathan Richardson – is on out in Brixton. If I’m south that’s where I’ll try to be.

At the Glory it’s the Second heat of Man Up – with the gorgeous Adam All and the fabulous Jonny Woo.

Thursday – 12th
For me it’s Bloc Bar and the Family Fierce – this night has the most interesting drag performance, never cliched, sometimes political and always fun.

If you got tickets, there’s the Legend of Leigh Bowry at the Glory – and this looks amazing (and if you have a spare give me a yell!)

One of the people I’m trying to work with the fabulous playwright Patrick Cash has his event “Let talk about Gay sex and Drugs” at Ku bar Soho. Because the chem sex scene impacts out into the queer community too and we may joke and perform about it, but this is someone providing the space to talk about it honestly.

Friday- 13th
We’ll I’m avoiding Eurovision like mad so I’m off to either

Virgin Extravaganzah Friday the 13th at Bethnal Green Working mens club – with Baby Lame, Ruby Wednesday, Kiki Lovechild and Aurora Galore.


Heels of Glory Shoe sale at the Glory – raising money for the Heels of Glory musical to look as fabulous as it can.

Rant – stalk your performers in an appropriate way…