NADC 3 – Top Four Show!

  Not Another Drag Competition – Top Four show – With Margot Marshall, Knockout, Taylor Trash and Tayce. Hosted by Meth at Her Upstairs.


  Her Upstairs takes on the Marvel Universe in their series of worshipping the cult phenomena that formed our childhoods. With performances by A$hleigh War-Child, Holly Styrene, Ophelia Love, Ruby…Read More

NADC 3 – Final!

Final of Not Another Drag Competition Series 3, moved to Them Downstairs, with performances from Tracey Barlow, Margot Marshall, Tayce, Taylor Trash, Knockout and hosted by Meth. 

L.A.D.S. May

LADS at Her Upstairs, Camden organised by Lilly Snatchdragon, Lolo Bow, and Scarlet O’Hora. Featuring performances by Miss Polly Rae, Bambi Bang Bang, and Aurora Starr.  

NADC Snatch Game

Not Another Drag Competition Snatch Game at Her Upstairs, hosted by Meth, with Judges TeTe Bang, Pi the Mime and Ruby Wednesday. With special performance by Pi the Mime.

Revenge of the Fifth

  May the f̶o̶u̶r̶t̶h̶ fifth be with you!! It’s a Star Wars extravaganza with Metb, foster kidz Cheryl Hole, and Aslee Warchild and very special guests Lilly Snatchdragon and Smashlyn…Read More

NADC3 – Alternative Week

Not Another Drag Competition Series 3 – This week is Alternative week At Her Upstairs with Meth and special guest judges including Virgin Xtravaganzah

L.A.D.S. April

L.A.D.S is a female performers night brought to you by the “lads” of The Family Fierce: Lolo Brow, Lilly Snatchdragon and Scarlett O’Hora. A queer night, in a queer venue…Read More