NADC Snatch Game

Not Another Drag Competition Snatch Game at Her Upstairs, hosted by Meth, with Judges TeTe Bang, Pi the Mime and Ruby Wednesday. With special performance by Pi the Mime.

Starman 2017

“Painting our faces and dressing in thoughts from the sky” We would like to invite you all to a night of tribute to the phenomenal talent and mastery of David…Read More

When Jack Met Sally 2

Join The Family Fierce for the reprise of their hit show ‘When Jack Met Sally’ Hosted by the formidable Ruby Wednesday starring Meth, Lolo Brow, Lilly Snatchdragon , Bourgeoise, Scarlett…Read More

House of Q

House of Q – Alexander Luttley, Neil Kelso and Felicity Furore at Cecil’s, London Bridge


StarMan at Bloc Bar, Camden, London. A tribute to the late great David Bowie from the Queer Performance community he inspired throughout his life: Performances from Oberon White, Pi the…Read More

When Jack met Sally

The Family Fierce Preset a reworking of The Nightmare Before Christmas as a drag show – with Ruby Wednesday, Meth, Lilly Snatchdragon, Bourgeoise, Maxi More, Johnny Bones, Pi the Mime,…Read More