A rant about Brexit

A podcast with some rants about Brexit Places to go: The Glory for Baby Lame’s Shit Show – Friday BGWMC for Mariah and Friends Summer of Love – Saturday Bloc…Read More

Rant filled podcast 5

Hello and welcome to another probably profanity rant filled AbsolutQueer Photography podcast. Today I’m writing it on a park bench, but will probably record it later. See I do script…Read More

Ranty mc Rantface Podcast 4

Welcome to the fourth rant filled ranty mc rant face AbsolutQueer Photography podcast, where our listeners say “you don’t get rants of that quality these days” So what’s going up…Read More

Podcast the third

Welcome to the third podcast for AbsolutQueer Photography. So what is going up this week? Well, it’s been a busy week for me with meetings most nights, so the sets…Read More