For Grenfell

  A charity fundraiser for Grenfell – organised by Virgin Xtravaganzah, with performances by FKA, Lanr√®d, Margot, Rodent Decay, and TeTe Bang.

Queering the Air

  Queer in the Air at the BACS Homegrown Festival – What’s your Revolution. With Lick von Dyke, Kaikai, Felix le Freak, Virgin Xtravaganzah, Drastik Measures

It’s a Drag KnockOut Final

The Final of It’s a Drag Knockout – with Meth, Virgin Xtravaganzah, Myra DuBois and the contestants, Herr, Lick von Dyke, and Georgia Tasda – with Veronica Green

It’s a Drag Knockout – Sets

It’s a Drag Knockout – Set – with¬†Veronica Green, Georgia Tasda, Lick vonDyke, Cherry/Herr, presented by Bloc Bar, hosted by Meth with special performances by Virgin Xtravaganzah

Yo Sissy at the Glory

Yo Sissy at the Glory Hoxton with Scarlett O’Hora, Yo Sissy, Pansy, Bourgeoisie, Lilly Snatchdragon, Lolo Brow, Virgin Xtravaganzah, Meth, Maxi More, Jonny Woo and Giza Poke.